Why is my water dispenser dripping?

Why do I have little black granules in my water after installing my new filter?

Why is my new filter making noise?

Why is the water cloudy after my new filter has been installed?

My water dispenser is not dispensing water, why?

Will using an aftermarket compatible filter invalidate my fridge warranty?

What Warranty do you provide?

If I use less water, can I change my filter less regularly?

How often do I need to change my refrigerator water filter?

How tightly should I tighten the filter?

Can I recycle my water filter?

What is Atrazine, Methylbenzene, and Lindale, and why shouldn’t I be drinking them?

Do you carry the colored plastic or metal end cap that covers the filter in my grill?

Is it easy to install Swift Green Filters?

Do Swift Green Filters have an expiration date?

How do I know if my fridge has a built-in filter?

How do I reset my change filter indicator light?

Do I need to lubricate the gaskets on my filter and receiver?

Do you make house calls?


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