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Halloween Safety Tips to Make It Memorable

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Halloween is a concern for people who think of safely passing through the roads, that particular night. Also, the parents are worried about their kids, especially when they begin trick-or-treat independently with their friends. Let's aware some Halloween Safety Tips with The Filters Club.  

Admit it or not, you don’t want the night to turn into a disaster by broken glow sticks or allergic face paints. That is the reason, we have decided to provide you some Halloween Safety Tips for your treat.

Halloween Safety Tips

Follow these Halloween Safety Tips and enjoy the fullest of Halloween 2018

Glow Sticks 

Glow sticks are colorful and fun but a broken one can make your face look like a wet weekend. Though the ingredients are relatively non-toxic, the dibutyl phthalate makes your eyes burn and sting. This can further lead to discomfort in the eyes.

If a glow stick breaks while you or your child are playing with it, follow these simple steps:-

  • The most important thing is not to panic in this specific situation.
  • Now, go and wipe off the products on your skin with a cloth, then wash it with soap and water.
  • If the liquid has entered your mouth, clean it with a wet cloth and drink some water. If it doesn’t completely remove the burning sensation, have some yogurt or ice cream
  • Sometimes, the spilled area swells but don’t worry it will be fine in a few moments.
  • If some of the glow liquid enters your eyes rinse it as soon as possible.

Dry Ice

Nothing is ghostly than a hazy fog made from dry ice. But dry ice can be dangerous in an area which is not ventilated properly, it can reduce the oxygen level in the atmosphere. Also, another concern is that it reaches temperatures as low as -110.

Take the following precautions while you play with dry ice:-

Please try to use it in proper adult supervision.

  • Always use metal tongs or oven mitts while handling dry ice (Never use bare hands).
  • Most important is top use dry ice in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t allow the carbon dioxide to build up in the container. Try to use a container with a loose lid.
  • Don’t try to replace the ice cubes with dry ice. It can cause Frostbite injuries to the mouth.
  • Dispose of the dry ice properly. Don't use sink or toilets for the purpose.


It is a fantastic idea to replace masks with face paint or cosmetics. But wait, have you ever checked if they are safe or not. Often, the face paints can cause irritation to the skin and even develop allergies. So, let us see how to check if the cosmetics or paints are safe to use? The test is often known as the “SKIN PATCHING TEST” and can help you determine the safety of a skin product. Now, it’s important to jump into the procedure.

  1. Try the product on the inner arm as it is fairly sensitive and thin.
  2. If the skin starts to burn, wash it off and apply. This is a sign that the product is not safe for the skin and should not be used.
  3. If the product shows no sign of irritation, it is safe to use. Just remember to follow the instructions on the package while applying it.

Candy and Treats

Nearly 600 pounds of candy are sold each year, thanks to trick and treat. But you need to keep in mind the following these:-

  • Keep a check that the children don't open the candies before returning home. You can do this by bringing along some pre-inspected candies for them.
  • Stay away from homemade candies or treats.
  • Avoid gums or hard candies for small children as they can choke their throat.

We Hope these Halloween Safety Tips helps to make this festival much better. That is all you need to make your Halloween safe and memorable. Get in touch with The Filters Club for more interesting posts.  

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